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Flat Roofing has been gaining in popularity, proving itself to be a versatile roofing solution, perfect for new-builds, or refurbishment on older buildings.

We use GRP(Glass-reinforced plastic) also referred to as fiberglass roofing. GRP is composed of a resin with glass or fibrous strands that reinforce the roofing material. Although the resin is a liquid, a catalyst is applied which starts a curing process to turn the liquid into a solid over a short period of time. One of the main benefits of GRP roofing is that it has an incredible strength to weight ratio, meaning that less material is required to provide good strength properties. GRP also has a number of unique properties which result in it being able to be molded to almost any shape, around and over irregular roof shapes and uneven structures. GRP is incredibly resistant to corrosion, meaning that it can be installed on roofs near factories and commercial buildings that handle chemicals.

Flat Roofing

Why Flat Roofing System

There are certain reasons for using flat roofing like

  • Flexible
  • Relative ease of installation
  • Competitive price
  • Consistency of product
  • Adaptable to unconventional roof designs

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