Asphalt Roofing Installation & Repair in London

This versatile form of roofing has the advantage that it can be applied to a range of surfaces, including concrete, timber, and metal. Mastic asphalt is thought to be the most reliable flat roof system, offering total waterproofing integrity for many different types of roofs. These include tanking, paving, flooring, and damp-proof membranes.

Asphalt Roofing

Not only is Asphalt roofing adaptable to a variety of properties, but it also has the benefit of high performance, cost-effectiveness, plus it looks good – what more could you ask for from a roof! For Asphalt roofing, just call us or book online now.

Asphalt Roof Repair Quotes London

With many years of working experience in dealing with asphalt roof repair and maintenance, you can rest assured that when dealing with us you are dealing with a professional company that takes great pride in our work and the positive feedback that comes from it. We cover all of London and the surrounding areas.

Fixing an Asphalt Flat Roof

Our method of maintaining asphalt roofing varies according to conditions such as the age of the roof (asphalt has long been used for roofing since the 19th century), and the scale of the damage. Naturally, we’ll give you alternatives where they are available, but in many cases replacing the roof often is the most cost-effective method long-term.

Minor repairs can often take place on the same day as the initial inspection survey. For more substantial repairs we will need to undertake a full flat roof survey and present you with the best course of action to take.

Asphalt Roof Maintenance in London

Asphalt roofs are hard-wearing and fairly easy and quick to repair. The most commonly encountered issues seen in asphalt roofing are; cracks and shrinkage of the asphalt, sagging in unsupported areas and blistering. To repair asphalt roof damage, we implement liquid-based materials, which fill the broken areas and offer long-lasting leak resistance for your property. all one of our knowledgeable team today on 0207 183 2454 or send us an email.

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