There are several options when it comes to the care of your roof. But once it’s suffered through years of weather and, possibly, lack of maintenance there comes a point when you have to decide – roof repair or roof replacement. There is also a middle road – roof restoration.

That day may be the next rainy day. You’re busy at work when your desk phone rings. You see that it is the maintenance manager for your facility. You answer with a bit of hesitation since it has been raining outside throughout the morning.

Just as you suspected, he’s calling to let you know that the roof is leaking again. This time the leaks are in a different spot. You are not sure if it is good news that the leaks have moved. At least the contractor was able to repair the last series of problems.

What are your roofing options?

Your roof system is typically out of sight, out of mind. It normally falls in the column “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But eventually, the roof system breaks, and leaks start to happen. As the frequency of leaks increases, building owners begin to explore the options that they have for addressing their roof systems.

Most building owners have three primary options available to them when it comes to their roof systems.

These options are:

Roof Repair

Roof Restoration

Roof Replacement


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