You might be responsible for managing a commercial or industrial property that has a standing seam metal roof system. Metal roof systems represent a significant portion of the overall roofing systems in the United States. The chances are very good that you have come across a metal roof on a building that you are responsible for.

If you have been responsible for a metal roof system you most likely have had to deal with roofing repairs. The details that make up a metal roof are unique to these systems. And as a result the repair options are unique as well.

Have you experienced roof leaks on your metal roof system?

If you have you are not alone. Metal roof systems are prone to leaking conditions in certain areas.

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. Nowhere is this truer than in the installation and maintenance of metal roof assemblies.

Some common metal roof issues:

Open seams

Open penetration flashings

Metal roof oxidation

Fastener backout

Open ridge/headwall flashing

Loose counterflashing

Improper installation methods

Panel damage

Before we jump into the areas where metal roof leaks develop, let’s look at a few of the major design characteristics of a metal roof system.


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